• Tonight's Dinner Special is:

    Norwegian Salmon Oscar, sauce Béarnaise, garlic gold mashed potatoes and
    Grilled asparagus.
    Free Glass of Chardonnay with the Special Entree




Add Gluten Free crostini or Bread /2

  • Seafood Gratin /7
    Individual half shell filled with seafood gratin with parmesan.

  • Bruschetta /8, GF 
    Crostini topped with basil pesto with walnuts, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and aged balsamic vinegar.

  • Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese /9, GF
    Mixed mushrooms sautéed with green onions, deglazed with Marsala wine, served on Italian crostini.

  • Smoked Salmon Crositini /10, GF
    Crostini topped with fresh salad of celery, fennel, carrot and smoked salmon.

  • Ahi Tuna Crostini* /12, GF
    Blackened Ahi tuna served rare with wasabi cream, srirachi aioli and sesame crackers.

  • Calamari /14, GF
    Calamari sautéed with fine herbs, roma tomatoes, garlic and parmesan cheese.

  • Queen “Bouchee” (Swiss specialty) /14
    Puff pastry shells filled with chicken, mushrooms, white wine, Port and Madeira wine, cream and fine herbs.

  • Tenderloin Carpaccio* /14 GF Puff pastry shells filled with sautéed wild mushrooms and chicken deglazed with madeira wine, heavy cream and fine herbs.

  • Spicy Sautéed Shrimp /14 GF
    Five large sautéed spicy shrimp lightly breaded with roasted garlic. Served with chef specialty sauce.

  • Brazilian Sausage with sun-dried tomatoes /15 *GF
    Grilled homemade Brazilian sausage with sun-dried tomatoes, served with spicy marinara sauce.


* In compliance with State & Federal Health Regulations it is our responsibility to advise the public that eating raw or undercooked fish or animal products can result in a health risk.

(GF) Gluten Free

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